The 18 Most Instagrammed Spots in Montreal 2014


That’s all you need to know to find the most beautiful shots of our city.

So break out your Insta account and size up everything Montreal has to offer – as seen through the eyes of some of the best (camera phone) photographers in Canada.

Skyline from Mont-Royal’s Belvédère Kondiaronk 
Nothing completes your Montreal day trip like a shot of the beautiful Montreal skyline from the Belvédère Kondiaronk atop Mont Royal. Yep, we’ve all been there and we’ve all done that. But it never gets old.

Montreal Metro Stations
Montreal’s vast network of Metro stations has become really popular with camera phones lately. Montrealers love snapping artsy captures of the colourful and architecturally pleasing interiors.

Habs Games at the Bell Centre
Got tickets for tonight’s Habs game? Better stir up some FOMO.

Snowy Winter Streets of the Plateau
The Plateau neighbourhood looks like a winter wonderland during the cold months. No wonder we get a huge influx of snowy street views on our Instagram feeds, thanks to les bobos. As if we need to be reminded it’s winter out there.

Montreal’s Infamous Spiral Staircases
Montrealers seem to be proud of the rows of spiral staircases that line the streets on the island. It’s hard to resist capturing them on any day out in the city.

Olympic Stadium
A love and hate relationship exists between our Montreal landmark and its citizens. But it hasn’t stopped us from snapping pictures at the stadium’s numerous outdoor festivals.

Metropolitain at Square Victoria
From Paris with love, the Metropolitain entrance sign has picked up popularity through the #montreal hashtag. The Victoria Square public art installation has now become a sort of landmark for the area. 

Illuminated Tree at Notre-Dame Basilica
The seasonal illuminated tree at Notre-Dame Basilica lights up our hearts and our feeds during the holidays in Montreal. We wish it would stay for good but we have mixed feelings about winter.

LOVE at L’Hotel in Old Montreal
Similar to NYC’s famous LOVE public art, Montreal gets its own scaled down version at the entrance of L’hotel in Old Montreal. This doesn’t stop Montrealers and its tourists from snapping up a photo op with the beloved sign. Next best thing to the Big Apple.

Cobble Stone Streets of Old Montreal
There’s something so romantic about Old Montreal’s network of cobble stone streets that no picture can properly duplicate it. But hey, that doesn’t stop anybody from trying.

Poutine and MTL Smoked Meat Foodporn
Montrealers love their poutine and smoked meat. But maybe tone down the foodporn shots, you’re making us all want to eat our phones.

Nights Out at New City Gas
We’ve all had our share of good times at New City Gas. The proof is in the feed.

Summertime Festivals at Quartier Des Spectacles
The back-to-back-to-back summer festival season is what flooded our feeds this summer. Looking through them, we sure miss the outdoor concerts, food trucks, beer gardens, terrasses, ice cream trucks, 30-degree weather…man, we sure miss summer.

Winter Festivals: Montreal En Lumiere Festival/Igloofest
This winter, a new generation of festivals has taken center stage. Montreal En Lumiere and Igloofest bring a taste of summer festival flare to warm our winter blues. Charge up that cellphone though, you’re in for some major eye-candy. 

Osheaga at Jean-Drapeau Park
It’s no surprise to us that Osheaga was named as one of the top music festivals in the world. And even less of a surprise that even when you miss out on this weekend-long musicfest, there’s simply no escaping it.

Mural Fest/Graffiti
St. Laurent Boulevard and its buildings have become a blank canvas for some of the world’s most talented graffiti artists. This makes for some really unique and cool captures that we get to see year round on our feeds.

Piknic Elektronic
Sunday Funday and Piknic Elektronic seem to be synonymous by now, while boozie selfies with the “L’Homme” sculpture on the Piknic grounds have become a Sunday afternoon norm.

Our Favourite Coffee Hang Outs
Montreal sure does embody an unhealthy amount of cafes, but that’s not the issue here. The issue is the amount of coffeeporn posted on Instagram that has us all craving caffeine any time of day. Coffee is a beautiful thing – and your Instagram feeds prove it. 


Cover Image from: Piknic Électronik facebook page

Plateau image from:

Spiral Staircase image from:

Notre Dame Tree image from:

Cobble Old Montreal street image from:

Poutine image from: Le Boucan

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