12 Reasons to Feel Better About January

There’s a reason why January gets the rep as the worst month of the year. 

It’s cold, dark, and anti-climatic in the wake of the holiday hoopla. Plus, you’re back at work and it’s busier than ever.

We get it.

But, in the spirit of positivity, here are 12 reasons you should feel better about it being January. 

1. You Can Shamelessly Hibernate
With the holiday parties now over and the inevitable hit to everyone’s social schedule that comes with the month of January, you can feel better about staying in. Time to put those comfy sweatpants and books you got during the holidays to good use.

2. Your New Year’s Resolutions (Or Lack Thereof)
If you have New Year’s resolutions, you can feel better about the fact that you’ve decided to better yourself by making them. If you don’t have any, you can feel fine about that fact that you’re not accountable to anything or anyone (thank you very much).

3. It’s Almost Super Bowl Time
Just one of the most exciting Sundays of the year – whether you love football or hate it. It’s either a reason to celebrate nachos, beer, and stats… or to rejoice in the simple fact that football is over until September.

4. We’re Closer to the May Long Weekend Than We Are to Last Labour Day
We’re closer to Victoria Day Weekend – the unofficially kick off to cottage season – than we are to last Labour Day weekend, the last weekend of summer that matters. Let the countdown begin.

5. It Only Gets Lighter From Here On
If you’re cursing the fact that it’s already dark outside when you leave the office, just remember that it only gets brighter from here on in – every single day. We passed the longest day of the year on December 21st. We can practically hear the birds chirping now…

6. It’s Finally Ski Season
That’s something, right? Cute ski gear, exercise, and a packed après ski scene – what else could you ask for?

7. St. Patrick’s Day is Within Sight
Only the most fun drinking day of the year…

8. The Sales Continue
If you missed out on the Boxing Day sales, you can still score discounts on fall and winter merchandise at most stores – just go now before it’s totally picked over.

9. There’s More Eye Candy at the Gym
Because the gym’s suddenly busier than ever, you have more options when it comes to eye candy. You can always look. Just don’t stare – that’s creepy.

10. Warm, Winter Comfort Food
It just feels so much more appropriate to indulge in hearty, home-cooked comfort food in the winter than in the summer months. And it’s also so much easier to hide an extra few lbs. under a sweater.  

10. Missing a Pedicure or Back Wax Isn’t Such a Big Deal
Neither your feet nor your back will be seeing the light of day, after all.

11. The Excitement Offered By a Fireplace
Fine, it’s not a Great Canadian campfire, but few things are as cozy and well-received in the winter than a blazing fireplace and glass of red wine – whether you’re at a restaurant or a chalet.

12. It’s a New Start
Whether you commit to resolutions or not, the best part about January is that it’s a brand, spanking New Year. And that means a fresh start and a clean slate. Make it count. 



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