The First Ever Montreal Mac & Cheese Week is Here

Get ready, Montreal – our city has a new cheat week.

The first edition of Montreal Mac & Cheese will take place from March 9th to the 16th.

But you can start drooling now.

The event is being organized by the awesome guys over at Le Cheese and L’Gros Luxe, and in collaboration with up and coming Montreal media partner Nudabite.

Some of Montreal’s hottest comfort food spots will be taking part in this week long binge including Diablos, Dirty Dogs, SUWU, Burger Royal, and Dinette Tripple Crown.

Each restaurant’s signature plate will range from $8 to $18 and starting this Friday, Le Cheese and Nudabite will release a video-a-day countdown that offers a glimpse into every participating restaurant’s kitchen and their featured M&C dish.

And you’d better not be thinking KD.

You can expect nothing short of fancy to be done to your favourite childhood food.

We hear that this year’s La Poutine Week winner Dirty Dogs is serving up Mac & Cheese dogs topped with a generous hunk of foie gras.

Like we said – fancy.

After you’ve tried one (or all) of the Mac & Cheese plates (to your personal trainer’s dismay), don’t forget to get your social media on and hashtag #MACWEEKMTL. This will submit and share all your wonderful feedback to the Mac & Cheese Week gurus, who will tally up all your favourite vote submissions.

In other words, the power of social media will determine the winner of the 1st edition of Montreal Mac & Cheese Week.

But really, we’re pretty sure everyone’s a winner here. 


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