6 Authentic Montreal Restaurants to Get Your Pho On

There’s something about an oversized bowl of steaming hot noodle soup that gets us all warm inside – literally.

And Tonkinese soup, or in more familiar terms, Pho (pronounced “Fuh”), is the ultimate cold winter’s day comfort food. It’s both nourishing and inexpensive, which means plenty of guilt-free Pho to be had for everyone.

While Montreal’s large Vietnamese population leads to an equally large amount of Vietnamese eateries, only six were phonomenal enough to make our list of the best in the city.

Think you’re phoreal? Then take note:

HÀ offers such a formidable vibe that can’t be duplicated – just like their signature Pho. Mr. HÀ’s Beef Pho soup is unlike any other. Why you ask? They slow cook their broth with roasted beef bones and all its fixings.

2. Paris Pho
Hidden away in the Bombardier Aerospace sector of Ville St. Laurent, this gem of a Pho joint is a popular one among the lunchtime crowd – and for good reason. With generous portions of their XL Pho Bowls, you’ll definitely not be leaving with an empty belly. It has the perfect meat to broth ratio that stimulates a kick of anise and ginger flavours without overpowering the overall experience.

3. La Saigonaise
Cote-des-Neiges houses some of the city’s best Pho soups and La Saigonaise is definitely one of them. This spot can easily be missed as it’s housed in the basement of the boulevard’s multiple restaurants so keep an eye out. Offering the real deal – huge soup pots conjure up broth perfection in the kitchen – anyone’s phormidable cravings will be met with beef, chicken, or veggie options.

4. Pho Bac 97
Pho Bac 97 could just possibly win best in the city. This place is always packed to the door with hungry mouths slurping down Pho Bac’s signature beef bone soup. Rare beef, brisket, tendon, tripe, and beef balls are your golden options.

5. Nguyen Phi
Another Cote-des-Neiges hidden gem is Nguyen Phi. As soon as you walk through their doors the wonderful aroma of beef bone broth envelops you. Very inexpensive with huge portions of Pho goodness, this joint is all about fresh ingredients that play a huge role in its flavour execution. The raw beef and beef ball soup bowl is our favourite with a little side of fresh chili, bean sprouts, and Thai basil for added heat, crunch, and flavour.

6. Thai City
The hungry mouths of “fashionistas” can finally be wiped away with this much-needed Viet/Thai restaurant on the Chabanel strip. This small family owned and operated restaurant offers specialties in both Thai and Vietnamese cuisine. But don’t be fooled by its name, it’s their Pho that keeps us crawling back. Make sure to grab a side of their famous shrimp spring rolls with spicy fish sauce dip. You’ll thank us later.


Cover image from: istock.com/anhvabe

Paris Pho image from: Yelp user Mei Y.

La Saigonaise image from: Yelp user Orsy F.

Pho Bac 97 image from: Yelp user Robert L

Nguyen Phi image from: Yelp user Charles N.

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