Eating Green Over St. Patrick’s Day

Nobody is eating green on St.Paddy’s day…

St.Patrick’s Day can be argued to be one of the greatest celebrations in Montreal. A festival in our city since 1824! Despite the slushy streets, cold winds and potholes, Montreal turns it up a notch in the name of green, colcannon and stout. This year, prepare yourselves for the copious amounts of stout and eat like a Saint! Here are some of our “I’m feeling a wee Irish today” go-to spots in Montreal for some authentic Irish pub grub. 

Fiddler’s Green
In the middle of the action, Fiddler’s Green Irish Pub will be serving breakfast all weekend! Well-known for their pub food in the neighbourhood, they will be open a tad earlier with a special St. Paddy’s day menu – just for you! Starting your day with a solid breakfast is probably a great idea. Breakfast aside, I recommend the cheeseburger. The doors open at 9am on Sunday and they even have a vegetarian breakfast, if you’re really thinking green.

Irish Embassy
Probably everyone’s go-to place this weekend, the Irish Embassy is as real a deal as you can get. I’m no Irish, but my people have been working in their kitchens for eons! Sundays at the Irish Embassy are typically ‘2 for 1 fish and chips day’, I’d probably order one for breakfast and save the free one for lunch! If you’re into Celtic beats, they have the Salty Dog band playing live this Thursday at 8pm. If your bar hopping, stop by for a pint of Guinness and a corned beef sandwich. 

Ye Olde Orchard
A little Indian for St. Paddy’s day? Ye Olde Orchard, specifically on Prince Arthur, is a secret of mine when it comes to amazing Indian food. I used to go for the Boss Burger while I watched the hockey game, but when I discovered the curries I never looked back. Ye Olde Orchard is going to be a party and a half with people walking in and out all weekend long. If you can get in and get a chair, order one of their curries. 

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