Top Late Night Bites in Montreal – Minus the Poutine

It’s called the fourthmeal – secretly, our favorite one of the day. Urban legend also has it that calories don’t add up for the meals between dinner and breakfast – so take advantage. What are the best places to have this late night meal in Montreal? Here are my top suggestions for getting a good dish, really late… and I’m not talking about Poutine here (at least not this time).

Bevo Bar and Pizzeria (Pizza only until 2am, pictured above)
Street pizza is for kids! Take it up a big notch with the authentic Bevo Bar and Pizzeria hidden in the old port of Montreal. Their mouthwatering, wood-fired pizzas can be argued to be one of the best in the city. Although the menu is fairly limited for late night dining (pizzas only), they have a delicious list of 10 pizzas and you can add toppings from anchovies to polpette for a few extra dollars. With the bar open until 3am, it’s a great place to finish up the night and grab a wood-fired pizza with sausage, mushrooms, hard boiled eggs, tomato sauce and mozzarella…

Miami Deli (24h breakfast)
A little to the east on Sherbrooke, the 24h Miami Deli is nothing like Miami. Their motto is, comically, “A little Miami in Montreal,” and the décor is ridiculous. But for some reason, in times of desperation, Miami Deli delivers not only literally; their all day, all night breakfast really hits the right spot. Although their website says, “our menu includes Pizza, Pasta, Burgers, Subs, Poutine, Sandwiches, BBQ Chicken, Ribs, Greek Specialties and yes even Chinese dishes,” I would stick with breakfast only, no matter what time it is. 

Le Continental (Midnight, Saturdays 1am)
I once saw George St. Pierre eating at Le Continental. I tried to order his dish but the waitress refused to tell me what he was eating. It looked like a giant chicken salad. Le Continental is a great place for late night meal. The menu is delicious, especially for a midnight eat! From tartar to gluten-free or vegetarian dishes, they have a nice variety of fresh foods, fit for a late night wine and dine. If it’s fit for a champ…


Pizzeria Romeo (Midnight, Fridays & Saturdays 2am)
We all have a few soft spots in the city, and Pizzeria Romeo is definitely one of mine. The ambiance, service and food is always delectable. It’s one of the few places where I can close my eyes and point on anything on the menu and be happy with my choice. Simple and filling, Romeo is even more awesome because it’s open late Thursday and Friday nights, and pizza is only 10 bucks after 11pm.

Other just as Notable places for a late night meals are:


Baxo; Kitchen closes at 12am (above)
Ferreira Cafe; Amazing after 10pm menu
Restaurant Globe; More restaurant than club – delicious late night sharing plates.


Mechant Boeuf; New 23h, $23 menu (above)

 And if these guys can start writing again, it would make life easier for a lot of us.