Montreal’s Top Restaurants to Meet Women (or Men…)

There’s an evident underlying (sexy) culture behind the food scene in Montreal. The social aspect of eating has become so prominent that choosing the right restaurant is a lot more than the menu or chef. The look, feel, and overall ambiance have taken up a lot of palate space lately. As some of us know and others need to know, ambiance and ‘climate’ mean a lot when meeting people. What I have here is not that big of a secret: the top places in Montreal to meet women, or men…

Cafe Myriade (pictured above)
I’m always at Myriade. But I go for the coffee, I promise. I was there with a few friends recently and one of them, after ‘checking in’, got a text saying, “Are you surrounded by hot girls with hipster glasses?” The answer was a definite, “yes, yes I am…” I love the place for one of the best new wave cappuccinos in the city, but I could swear some guys couldn’t care less.


La Buvette chez Simone
Where girls go after work. There’s no doubt in my mind that the ratio is in your favour when you go to Buvette. Are the odds on your side? Probably not! Breaking a girls’ night out is not an easy feat. On Parc, in the Mile End, it ends up being the third place to many in the neighbourhood. Go for the wine list, the small bites, and the view. Everyone leaves a winner.


Le Gros Jambon
If you’re a big enough pig. I’ve been there a handful of times, and every time I go, I see women. Is it my luck? Probably not! The place is small enough to be able to spark conversation with anyone, and it’s never pretentious, which makes it very easy to say anything, even with your mouthful. Nobody leaves unhappy, and the menu can be just the comfort you’re looking for. 

Photo credit: j.caron 


Apéros Bordeaux à Montreal
When wine meets chocolate… Do I really need to explain this one? Your last chance of the year is tonight! At the gorgeous L’Auberge Saint-Gabriel in the Old Port. It’s a 5 à 8 loaded with great people from all over the city. It’s also where I met my fiancée. Need I say more? Event details here.

I asked a few of my friends about their go-to places for meeting the opposite sex in the city and here are their top choices:

– Méchant Boeuf
– Les 5 saisons
– Bar Furco