The Three Cutest Lunch Spots in Montreal

Many of us would easily agree that Montreal is one of the most beautiful, artistic, and perhaps cutest cities in the world. The small but edgy lifestyle Montreal illustrates really produces a ‘chaleureux,’ and at times, cute culture. 

A lot of those ingredients are highlighted in our restaurants. While some enjoy the rustic trends, others luxuriate in what I like to call ‘cute’. Here are some of my favourite cute lunch spots in Montreal. 

Miss Prêt à Manger (top photo and pictured below)


Filling and delicious is the new cute.
Everything about Miss Prêt à Manger is cute. The pink and blue chalk written menu, the very friendly and patient staff, owner Kimberly Lallouz, the entire decor of the restaurant – it’s all cute. But don’t let all the cute distract you. The portions are excellent and very tasty. I recommend it as one of the best places downtown for a lunch date. It is very vegetarian friendly, and they have healthy and absolutely delicious plates of fish, meats, and desserts too! They also do catering. 

La Panthère Verte


Who would refuse a falafel and fresh juice lunch date?
Now with two locations, La Panthère Verte is one of my favourite lunch spots in the city. One of them is near my office (downtown) and the other is near my home (Mile End). Their concept is vegetarian, and their game is absolutely scrumptious. Both locations are small and cozy. Even though the downtown location is a bit busier, they play up the cute with their window seat (where you sit on a pillow to eat), and Pamela, who takes your order with a cute but mysterious accent. (Lunch on me if you can guess where she’s from.) 



The cutest Korean spot for a mile and it’s made by mama.
I’ve been eyeing this place for some time now. It’s one of those “we need to go!” places that that didn’t happen soon enough. The pastel flower pattern letters OMMA on Bernard make the place seem warm, charming and especially cute. The inside is just that, and more – they serve Korean! Going through the menu got me excited and very hungry. Even though I’ve only been once, it will be my new go-to for Asian dinners and weekend lunches in the neighbourhood. (Lunch is only served on the weekends.) The decor and feel of the restaurant is definitely cute and great for a weekend lunch date or dinner any other day of the week. Tip: the bibimbap is to die for, in the cutest way possible of course. 

Other notable cute lunch spots

–   La Croissanterie Figaro (When charming meets cute)
–   Mimi et Coco (Shop & salads!)
–   Dolcetto & Co. (Sharing is caring)
–   Comptoir 21 (Burgers & fries are always cute.)
–   Mamie Clafoutis (As cute as your own place)