Power Breakfast: The New Power Lunch

It’s not the perfect lunch spot, or the delicious mid-day meal we’re really looking for. What we’re looking for is extra time! If we can lunch with a business colleague or a friend everyday, we would. Reality is that it’s impossible if you’re working full time or not a millionaire. Sure, a quick lunch can work, but the stress and the crappy close to office lunch spots are not worth it at all. The solution? The Power Breakfast. Here are my top places in the city to get up nice and early for a power breakfast. 

Ben & Florentine – A full breakfast for a long power meeting (pictured above).
To some, the power breakfast is bacon and eggs, and Ben & Florentine delivers it. B&F is my office away from my office and if I could sit in there all morning in meetings I would. The comfortable setting, the fresh everything, and the wifi make it a great office! Every time I have a meeting that the hours in the day can’t contain, I’m there. You can get in for 6am with tons of time to get a lot done. 

Olivier Potier – The French way for a quick and sweet power meeting.


A little sweet piece of Paris in Montreal, Olivier Potier is hidden off the busy street of Sherbrooke downtown. As you walk in you’re greeted by fresh baguettes, amazing-looking pastries and little cakes so fancy you’ll be afraid to eat them. Don’t expect big, expect sweet and tasty. Their waffles are apparently one of the best, the confiture is ‘stealable’, and the coffee is perfect. The atmosphere is comfortable, and if you’re looking to have a quick breakfast meeting, here’s the sweet spot.

Olive & Gourmando – My little spot to power breakfast, alone.


When there’s an item on the menu called “A Poached Egg on Your Face!” you know it has to be good. It’s a grilled panini packed with poached egg salad, Comté cheese, prosciutto and roasted tomatoes. You probably heard of this place and for good reason. The baked goods are one of the best in the old port as well. Olive & Gourmando is the early morning power breakfast I save to have with myself. Delicious food, great coffee, open at 8am.

Bonus: Les Enfants Terribles – Working on weekends?


Just like there’s a tie for every meeting, there’s a restaurant for every one, too. If that group MBA project needs to be finished, breakfast at Ben & Florentine works. If the cutie from your building needs your professional advice, Olivier Potier works great. But if you’re meeting with the CEO of Food Week MTL Inc, you might want to take it up a notch. Les Enfants Terribles let’s you impress with their delicious brunch menu. Open from 1130am on weekdays and weekends at 930am. 

Other notable places to power breakfast in the city:

– Cafe Souvenir: The first thing open every morning.

– B&M: A little of everything, breakfast from 7am.

– Le Cartet: Open at 7am and serves good breakfast.

Need more hours in the day? Wake up earlier. Go #powerbreakfast!