Celebrating Food: Restaurant Suggestions for Easter Weekend

Is there ever a festive moment that isn’t good enough to celebrate with food? Every time I turn my calendar, people are celebrating with roasted lamb and eggs, maple syrup everything, or hot cross buns and ham! You probably won’t see matza and ham being served together, but people are in carnivalesque mood and you just never know.

With a few holidays around the corner, here are some food suggestions to really go all out…no matter what you’re celebrating.

Sugar Shack?

La Cabane
If you don’t have a reservation, make one now here. It’s getting popular fairly fast and you’re going to miss out on something fun and unique. Chef Helena Loureiro is the invited chef, and she adds a Portuguese twist to each traditional cabane a sucre dish. You don’t even have to cross a bridge. It’s just in the Old Port of Montreal. La Cabane is an easy destination for something traditional, innovative, and fun if you are looking for a sugar shacking good time.

Botanical Garden
If you’re looking for something a little easier, The Botanical Garden’s ‘Sugar-Off Time’ is back! Learn more about it here. Sounds like a romantic afternoon date to me…

Easter Brunch?

Starting this Friday, one of our favourite parks, Parc La Fontaine, is dishing out brunch with a view. The Espace La Fontaine bistro is preparing a special menu for Easter/cabane a sucre season. From grilled cheese to chocolate pancakes and omelettes, the menu is simple and fun for everyone. And if that sounds good, you should see the desserts. The best part? Everything is very affordable!

L’Auberge Saint-Gabriel is also getting in on the Easter brunch game. They have a special menu for Easter weekend created by chef Eric Gonzalez. For about 60 bucks a person, you get a three-course meal. It gives you tons of deliciousness to share for the table, like the Nordic plate made of smoked salmon, shrimp cocktails, crab salad and scallop cevich, local cheeses and homemade desserts; to top it off, everything is locally sourced.

Enjoy and don’t forget to share! Nobody likes eating alone.


Cover photo courtesy: L’Auberge Saint-Gabriel

La Cabane photo courtesy: WRG Mag