Montreal’s Best Places for a Holiday Dinner

The Best Places for a Holiday Dinner
Depending on your circle, you may end up being alone in your apartment watching three seasons of Gossip Girl, or going out every night looking for mistletoes and open bar parties. For something in between, I have a few suggestions. 

Here are some of my favourite places for a truly delicious friends and family-filled dinner in Montreal during the holidays.

Restaurant Da Emma – Parking and Italian food fights!
777, rue de la Commune O

da emma

I have this elaborate fantasy of having a food fight at Da Emma. The place use to be a prison, so I’m sure they had food fights all the time! They have these amazing tables where you can sit with a big enough group and enjoy tons off their authentic Italian menu. Personally, Christmas is Italian. I’ve spent most of my Christmases with Italians and Da Emma does it well, if you’re in the mood for seafood antipasto with squid, mussels, shrimp, and octopus drizzled with amazing olive oil, that is. PS. no searching for winter parking, they have free valet. *Photo courtesy Marie-France Coallier

Bombay Mahal – Hot, Spicy and tasty on Christmas day.
The Jean Talon, Parc Ex corner


When I say Bombay Mahal, I mean anything in that area. Most of the Indian corner of Parc Ex is usually open on Christmas. Good Indian food is a luxury, even in India, but the few on the corner do it justice well enough. And going as a group is a blast, especially if it’s a BYOB. It works out for the meat lovers and vegetarians alike. The ambiance of the typical Indian restaurant often offers an interesting disconnect from Christmas, which is quite amusing. (Don’t mess with me when it comes to Indian food).

Lola Rosa on Parc – An all vegetarian delight.
4581, av du Parc, Montreal


Recently opened and just as delicious as the famous Lola Rosa on Milton, the filling and delicious Lola Rosa on Parc is different and fun. Not as busy or crowded as the Milton location, you can bring your family in for a relaxed bite to eat over the holidays. You’ll feel fantastic with the light bill and healthy choices. You can never feel guilty eating over and over again at Lola Rosa. It’s a great place to plan a holiday dinner this year, or any dinner…

Blackstrap BBQ – Get fat over the holidays. 
Closed from the 23rd-2nd
4436 Wellington St. Verdun

If you skipped over Lola Rosa after seeing ‘vegetarian only’, you’ll find this place to taste. As cheesy as it is, it’s Christmas every day at Blackstrap. They run out of the very good stuff every now and then, but everything is decadently delicious. I haven’t been often enough, and I’m hoping their legendary poutine will make the Poutine Week MTL list. This Christmas, all I really want is some Blackstrap BBQ poutine and deep fried mac n cheese balls. Not really, but you get my point…