Tegan and Sara Just Launched a Foundation to Empower LGBTQ Girls and Women

Canadian indy-pop duo powerhouse Tegan and Sara have created a new foundation aimed at empowering LGBTQ girls and women.

The twin sisters – who both identify as gay – posted a letter on their website to announce the foundation, citing the love they’ve received from LGBTQ fans throughout their careers.

The Tegan and Sara Foundation has a mission to “fight for economic justice, health, and representation for LGBTQ girls and women.”

The identical twins were inspired to create their foundation during a fall tour for their new album, “Love You to Death,” during which they researched where funding was needed most.

tegan and sara

Image: GQ

“We learned a great deal from you all, including much more about the needs of LGBTQ people in North America,” they wrote. “We learned that the lack of federal funding for LGBTQ services, limited training for doctors about the needs of their LGBTQ patients and severe workplace discrimination are disproportionately affecting women. Most importantly, we learned that LGBTQ women and girls are feeling overwhelmingly rejected and left behind.”

Though the sisters have achieved mass success, their journey wasn’t – and, sadly, likely still isn’t – without sexism and homophobia in the music industry.

The Calgary-native twins said these experiences have inspired them to lend their voices to the struggles of people in the community. This will see them support the work of other groups who are fighting for the cause of LGBTQ and women’s rights by raising awareness and funds for their ever-important initiatives.

tegan and sara

Image: GQ

They were also vocal in their distaste for U.S. president-elect Donald Trump.

“We will fight against regressive homophobic, transphobic, and misogynistic legislation. We will fight for economic, racial and gender justice,” reads the letter.

“We started the foundation to dismantle the systems of inequity that prevent LGBTQ girls and women from reaching their full potential. Together, we can make a difference.”

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