6 Things to Consider when Buying Your First Cannabis Vape

 Article sponsored by Figr Brands, Inc.

While many still love the tried and true method of lighting up a joint, an increasing number of cannabis users are turning to vapourizers, or “vapes.”

They’re sleek, subtle, simple to use, and more than a passing trend as the cannabis craze continues to take over our home and native land. Here are six things to consider when buying your first cannabis vape…because when it comes to vapes, it’s important to know you have options.

1. Know what you want to vape.

It sounds straightforward, but knowing what you want to vape – flowers or oils – is important when purchasing a device. “Flower” refers to the actual buds from marijuana plants, while cannabis oils are typically more concentrated. Making this decision will help guide you in selecting a vapourizer, as each device typically uses one form of cannabis.

2. Look for a simple design.

When buying your first vape, there’s no need to complicate things; a vapourizer’s design should be simple, compact, and – an added bonus – understatedly stylish. Look for something that’s easy to pack and carry with you. For example, the sleek, and rechargeable Master Vapourizer from Canadian company Figr is custom-made and has two pre-set temperature controls. Taking the guesswork out of it, the two settings are specifically configured for the best delivery of Figr concentrates.

3. Choose long-lasting battery power.

Nothing is worse than heading out for the day and finding your vape has run out of juice. Choosing a vape with a reliable battery life is key to ensuring it’s there for you whenever you need it. But if it does run out, choosing a device with a quick charging time can make all the difference.

4. Switch it up.

Consider whether you’d like to switch up your experience with different types of cannabis or stick with your go-to. For example, while Figr offers its exclusive, custom-designed vapes for their Master Pods, the company also features a variety of craft cartridges compatible with most 510 threaded vapourizers if you prefer to use your own device.

5. Experiment with flavours.

If you’re vaping with oils, you can experiment with a variety of flavours to see what hits the spot. At the end of the day, it really comes down to personal preference. Some may prefer an added flavour profile, while others gravitate toward unflavoured. Looking again to our friends at Figr, their Master Pods and Craft Cartridges are available in a variety of all-natural flavours, including mixed berry, melon, and citrus, while also offering an unflavoured terpene option.

6. Know your budget.

Like any purchase, your budget comes into play when choosing a vape. The good news is that one of the most affordable options is a concentrate pen, which also makes a great “starter vape.”

With a little research, experimentation, and familiarization, vaping can become another viable option for consuming cannabis.

 Article sponsored by Figr Brands, Inc.