Map: This is What it Costs to Rent an Apartment in Major Cities Across Canada

Complaining about the price of rent is something that unites as all. Some, however, have it way worse than others.

(Looking at you, Vancouver).

Last week, released its annual report on average apartment rent costs and vacancy rates.

They calculated what you can expect to pay for a studio, one bedroom, two bedroom, and three bedroom apartment in major cities across Canada.

The standard assumptions ring true: ‘unaffordable’ is a mild way to describe Toronto’s rental landscape, while ‘non-existent’ is a pretty accurate overview of the situation in Vancouver. Quebec, meanwhile, is both cheap and plentiful for renters.

A few points of interest: you can live in Moncton and Montreal for pretty much the same price, Yellowknife is the most expensive city to live in Canada (!), Vancouver’s highest vacancy rate is just 1.4%, studios in Toronto and Vancouver are more expensive than three bedroom apartments in more than a dozen other major Canadian cities, and you’ll never have an issue finding a place in Saint John, New Brunswick, or Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (10%+ vacancy rates).

Check out the infographic below for detailed findings from the data:

average apartment rent costs

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