Super Foods For The New Year

The first few weeks of January can be comical. With resolutions in mind, people at the gym are a little bit pushier about getting their turn on the treadmill and you’ll notice a lot more people laying off the booze. This commitment to health and wellness generally lasts a few weeks before bad habits start to sneak back into our routines.  

Instead of holding yourself to unrealistically high expectations this year, why not try incorporating a few super foods into your diet that can help you live healthier without giving up all your favourite foods and drinks?

Chlor-what? Before you turn your nose up at the idea of eating algae, did you know this super food works miracles as a detoxifier for your system? Chlorella is also known to help prevent cancer, aid digestion, help with anxiety, and it contains more vitamins than your local drug store.

For those of you who are a bit squeamish with funky flavours, there are pills you can take. However, if you’re feeling adventurous you can throw a scoop of Chlorella powder into a smoothie with a little peanut butter, chocolate almond milk or bananas to mask the flavour. Bottoms up!

Do you love salt and vinegar chips? Dulse has a salty kick and contains all the goodness of multivitamins while aiding in weight loss, increasing brain functions and helping to detoxify your system. Next time you crave fast food for your hangover, try spicing up a regular dish with a few sprinkles of Dulse flake. You’ll be doing your figure and your liver a huge favour.

Chia Seeds
ch-ch-ch-chia! Chia seeds can be thrown into just about anything and they are incredibly helpful for maintaining strong bones, teeth and a healthy heart. The best way to enjoy Chia seeds is to soak them in coconut milk for an hour or two. Throw in a little cinnamon, vanilla, maple syrup and fruit and you have dessert. Chia seeds can also be used as an egg substitute in baking.

This is a super food and a sexy food. Maca root helps improve blood circulation, increases stamina, improves metabolism, and is considered to be an aphrodisiac.

Next time you feel like spicing up date night, throw a little Maca powder into your partner’s hot chocolate and turn the lights down low.

To pick up any of these items or to learn more about how they are used, you can head to the Light Cellar in the community of Bowness (Calgary).  

Cover image by Not Your Standard

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