Celebrate the Revival of the restaurant industry at RC SHOW 2022

The restaurant industry has been thrashed by the pandemic restrictions. Many of your favourite restaurants have closed forever. Many have barely survived, purely through the grit and determination of the people who own and operate them. Even still, some restaurants were able to pivot their business approach, innovate, find new opportunity within the difficulty, and thrive. In all these situations, it has been hard fought battle, dealing with uncertainty, constantly changing rules, loss of staff, social distancing mandates… the list goes on.

And so, there was a jubilant energy vibrating the room at the Brunch Disruption media preview, for the upcoming RC Show 2022, as the people-behind-the-food celebrate the revival of the industry. Brunch royalty, Donna Dooher of Mildred’s Temple Kitchen, was on-hand, jovially sharing her wisdom as she cooked up a batch of her world-famous pancakes, served up with maple syrup, blueberry compote and thick whip cream. But the comforting feeling in the room came from more than the comfort food. Comradery, respect and admiration between the attending chefs and restaurateurs was palpable, as was their appreciation for Restaurants Canada helping them through the challenges of the past two years.

RC Show is the country’s premier food service and hospitality tradeshow, hosted by Restaurants Canada, May 9th to 11th. It’s the opportunity of the year for industry players to seek insights and inspiration, to forge and strengthen connections, and to discover innovations to aide their success.

If the excitement in the room at the media preview is an indication, this year’s RC Show promises to be particularly poignant and stimulating. After two years, it is apparent that people are eager to be face to face and deliver their products and services and experiences the way they were intended. But the RC Show has also used the lessons of the pandemic to create dynamic, broadcast quality, virtual access to the show’s seminars, workshops, competitions, and events.  

Presenters gave us a hint of the experiences available at the RC Show, from how to understand and harness trends, to emerging technologies, to sustainable practices, to evolving business models, to the science-fiction-esque future of food. We got a sneak peek at 365 Marketplace, an exciting digital platform to connect the industry, with in-roads to the meta-verse. With over one hundred international business and brands in attendance, there will be ample education and discovery available to restauranteurs.

Several words were heard often at this preview: Innovation, opportunity, resilient, revival. The hospitality and food service industry is charged up and ready to rise from the ashes of the pandemic with more knowledge, adaptable business, and fresh outlook; to give us the dining experiences that feed our bellies and nourish our souls; to revive an important cultural element of our society that brings us all together.

The RC Show 2022 runs May 09th to 11th, in person at the Enercare Centre in Toronto, or virtually, world-wide. For more information, to reserve a booth, or book tickets, visit RCshow.com. Foodservice and hospitality professionals can use promo code “RCMedia” for 50% off RC Show Flex Pass!