#TheUpsideNow: Be Happy

Be happy.

That’s the key to life, regardless of all the theories that exist out there. The way to truly feel good is to just be happy. That’s it.

Life happens. We win some and we lose some. Loved ones pass on and others are born in to our lives. Some days, we get sick. Other days, we’re pulling off marathons, two-hour workouts, and working 14-hour days like it’s nobody’s business.  The point is that we can’t control what happens nor can we control what tomorrow brings, but we can control if we are happy or not when dealing with them.


It’s a choice. Just decide and commit to being happy. I truly believe that. Being happy is a choice. It’s your choice. It’s my choice.

When we fall victim to being in a bad mood, that’s also a choice. That’s just us choosing to stay in the lousy mood that we are in for whatever reason. And, let’s get serious, it’s never worth us being unhappy about. It already happened! Why stay down about it? Whatever it is, it already happened. Now, accept that, learn from it, cherish the memory, and commit to being happy.

Think about it – why should we wait to be happy? Being happy is a choice. It is your choice. It’s entirely mental. We can be happy right now.

I’m writing this article today to tell you that if you want to be happy you can be. Any time. Any place. Any moment. With the snap of your fingers you can own your own happiness. Just commit to being happy – real commitment ladies and gents – not an I wish I were in a better mood sort of commitment. A real one. Decide that you will be happy…and you will be happy.

Why wait until you make your first million, get married, find a partner, get your dream job, make up with your family member, climb Mount Everest, get vacation time, quit your job, lose 20 pounds, win the lottery, etc? Why wait?

The clock is ticking, it never stops.

Your happiness also doesn’t need to ever stop – don’t let it. From time to time of course you will come to your own thoughts and realize that you’re not happy, that’s okay; recognize it, and change it immediately.

As soon as you know that you’re not happy, it’s time to push that unhappiness out of your mind and be happy. Now.

It’s your choice. Being happy is a choice.

Be happy.

Julian Brass,
Founder and Publisher, Notable.ca