Can You Help Save a Life?

As young professionals constantly on the search for opportunities to help others, here’s one that can’t be passed up. 

David Geneen has been diagnosed with Myelodysplastic Syndrome, a pre-leukemia blood disease which is chronic and ultimately fatal, and is in urgent need of a stem cell transplant. With a simple cheek swab, doctors can tell if you’re a match for David, or maybe one of the other thousands of people around the world that are struggling to stay alive.

Unfortunately, David family are not matches. That’s why they need you. If you are between 17 and 50, you can help out with a quick visit to Holy Blossom Temple on Sunday, March 25th between 12pm and 4pm to be swabbed. However, if you can’t make it there, a cheek swab kit can be sent to your home by visiting or by scanning the QR code below. Should you be a match for David, or even have the opportunity to save someone else, the procedure is simple and painless, similar to giving blood. You’re only in the hospital as an outpatient for a few hours.


What are the benefits? First, you’ll potentially be saving lives. Second, you’ll learn your blood type (which in fact is a good thing to know). Third, life needs heroes, and you’ll not only be a real hero to David’s friends and family, but also to the thousands of less fortunate people with this huge challenge.