There’s a New Instagram Parody Account That’s Mocking “Basic B*tches”

There’s a new Instagram account that can offer some midday Monday LOLs.

It’s called Brosbeingbasic.

The account is full of hilarious (although admittedly a little stereotypical/sexist) shots that mimic and poke fun at some of the most common (aka: basic) female Instagram photos.

The page features everything from the inevitable #hotdoglegs shots and girly squad pictures, to the “I woke up like this” selfies. If you liked this post then keep scrolling. If it wasn’t exactly your Ken doll, better stop here.

Either way, Instagram has become a pretty big part of our everyday lives, and so has making fun of people on it

A photo posted by @brosbeingbasic on

A photo posted by @brosbeingbasic on

A photo posted by @brosbeingbasic on