Socality Barbie Perfectly Mocks the Millennial Lifestyle on Instagram

Meet Socality Barbie, just your average Kinfolk-reading, coffee-loving, beanie-wearing adventure seeker who thrives on hollow quotes and being creative.

She’s #blessed, pretends to like hiking, shouts out to her gem friends, and bathes with her iPhone. Sometimes she even wakes up at 10 a.m. to capture that perfect light and fog.


Did we mention how damn #authentic she is?

It’s not all vanity, though: Socality Barbie is “humble enough to know [she’s] not better than anybody, wise enough to know that [she’s] different from the rest” and recognized “networking is not collecting contacts; networking is about planting relations.”


It doesn’t get much deeper than that. Or does it…

Never change, Socality Barbie. Never change.