‘Millennials of New York’ is the Perfect Millennial Lifestyle Parody Instagram Account

There are a lot of great things to be said of millennials. There are also very many tendencies of this generation worthy of mocking and satire.

Millennials of New York‘, a parody of the wildly successful and inspiring ‘Humans of New York’ project, focuses on the latter by posting photos of hip twentysomethings with hilarious self-deprecating captions.

The project is the work of Elite Daily writers Connor Toole and Alec MacDonald and the subjects so far have mostly been personal contacts who’ve agreed to be profiled and approved the captions.

Many of the subjects’ “interviews” are based on an element of truth and then exaggerated to fit the hipster, navel-gazing millennial narrative.

Around 50 posts have been shared on the Millennials of New York Facebook and Instagram pages, which have amassed an impressive following since launching in May.

“This is my favorite shirt. I love Buddhism.”

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