Putting TIFF12 on the Map

Shortly after the film schedule for TIFF was released this year, one of our teams brought in the (uber colourful) programme. Lunch conversations inevitably steered towards which films were worth seeing but, more vocally, which would be torturous to have to sit through. At heart, adPioneers are data junkies, so once through comparing schedules/stakeout locations for Biebs and James Franco, we decided it would interesting to dive into TIFF’s data this year.

Our squad of digital superheroes delved into 401 films, its countries, languages, directors, cast, ratings, descriptions and tags – CSI’esque analysis on 36,000 odd pieces of data.  What we found were sometimes expected, other times amusing, and occasionally downright shocking trends that we’ve dressed up in informational graphics (infographics, the cool kids tell me). Enjoy.

About the Graphic – Putting TIFF on the Map:

TIFF blends talent, creativity, press and partiers from around the world. The cosmopolitan culture-clash is part of the TIFF charm of course, but how many, from where and who plays nice together? We looked a little closer at the films and the 142 country-combinations they hailed from; this is what we unearthed, along with an interesting tidbit about the polygamous France.