These Are the Brands Canadians Love Most Right Now

We live in a time where brand association is essentially the benchmark for who we are.

It goes without saying, then, that brands are spending more time and money than ever in order to lure our precious attention. So, which companies are doing it right? Look no further than the annual Corporate Reputation Study.

The Corporate Reputation Study ranks Canada’s most admired companies by assigning them a reputation score. This score is determined by a simple survey that asks how Canadians perceive each brand based on four metrics: good opinion, bad opinion, don’t know enough, or don’t know at all.

Considering the role social media plays in how we interact with brands, the study is getting increasingly interesting. “Welcome to the age of volatility!” said Christian Bourque, Executive VP at Leger, the marketing research firm behind the data. “Our 2018 Reputation Study shows once again that public opinion, in the age of social media, is a punisher. One day you may be the darling child everybody wants to be, and the next day … it can all collapse.” Indeed.

According to the 2018 Corporate Reputation Study, these are the 50 most admired brands in Canada:

brand reputation

Perhaps most interesting is that Tim Horton’s, which finished 4th last year, dropped all the way down to 50th this year. Makes sense.

Now, what are those oh-so-hard-to-reach Millennials saying? Let’s see…

Most notably, Netflix jumped from 24th to 5th overall for Millennials compared to the greater population. Again, makes sense.

*241 companies from 28 business sectors were considered in the survey. Each company was assessed by 2,100 Canadians in via an online questionnaire.