8 Canadians on Instagram You Should Be Following

It seems like just yesterday we were telling you about our favourite Twitter accounts to follow. Though some are still pretty amazing (see: James Blunt), we can’t keep our wandering eyes off Instagram for more than a few hours at a time. Photos are way cooler than words anyway. From interior designers to world travellers, here are 8 Canadians we wish would just upload their next photo already…

Vincent Brillant
Followers: 25k
Professional photographer

What we love: His knack for capturing otherwise mundane spots in Montreal from stunning angles and unique perspectives. 
What you’ll find: #urbanphotography #trespassingforart 


Jillian Harris
Followers: 107k
TV Personality

What we love: We still have a crush on her from when she was The Bachelorette. 
What you’ll find: #veryvancouver #loveitorlistit


Kayla Seah
Followers: 32k
Fashion & lifestyle blogger

What we love: Anyone who can take quality photos of everything from fashion to food, interiors, décor, architecture, travel and editorials is notable in our books. We probably missed a few categories too. 
What you’ll find: #ootd #streetstyle #cleaneating

kayla seah - not your standard - berlin fashion blog

The Armstrong Sisters
Followers: 17k
Party Skirts co-founders

What we love: Their always-look-on-the-bright-side-of-life approach. Also: skirt recommendations. 
What you’ll find: #skirts. Lots of them. You’ve probably seen them before.


Mike Palmer
Followers: 700

What we love: Seeing Toronto from every angle in all its glory. 
What you’ll find: #the #best #photos #of #toronto. #guaranteed


Lori Andrews
Followers: 17k
Interior Designer

What we love: Her professional portrait photography and ability to capture human emotion. 
What you’ll find: #portraits #interiors


Followers: 22k

What we love: Ability to capture every beautiful detail of Montreal. 
What you’ll find: #mtlcafecrawl


Andrew Knapp
Followers: 178k
Author and Traveller

What we love: His dog. You’ll see why. 
What you’ll find: #portraits #interiors