Toronto Weekender: April 24 through 27, 2014

The sun finally shows up and Toronto explodes like a spring flower. Suddenly everyone’s on a bike, pushing patio seating, or, in the most über aggressive move available, stepping into shorts like they’re Nelly circa 2002. And while we’re not quite ready to show some leg just yet, we are ready to embrace the bevy of events this city is putting on offer this weekend. Here are more than 25 ways to spend the next four days. You don’t have to do the math, but you do have to get out and live your notable life.

Journalist du jour Robyn Doolittle, former Olympian Perdita Felicien, and CBC personality Amanda Lang are just a few of the notable Canadians taking part in the 6th annual Get Lit event. Want to know more? Go read about it.

The second biggest film festival in our city and the largest documentary film fest in North America kicks off its 10-day takeover of the city. If you don’t have Hot Docs tickets already, you’re doing it wrong.  

Like your grapes old and expensive? The Canadian Opera Company is holding its 15th annual Fine Wine Auction. You know what they say: if you have to ask the price… you can’t afford to drink it.  

Speaking of drinking with dinner, check out the Mill St. Brewmaster’s Dinner for five courses paired with some award-winning beers.

Technology, in case you haven’t noticed, is kind of a big deal. If it’s in any way connected to you and your life, you should probably head to Creative Disruption and learn a thing or two from some industry CEOs.

The second year of Gladstone Grow Op: Exploring landscape and place celebrates alternative landscaping and urban design. This is what happens when you take the road less travelled by.

Boy George is in town. If you need more info than this, you’re not a real fan.

Acclaimed Canadian menswear designer Christopher Bates is hosting a three-day studio sample starting today. If you want to look good for less and you love the idea of having to RSVP for a suite number and buzzer information, ( then this is where you should be shopping.

The Green Living Show is in town. Pretty sure the name says it all. 

BeerProv is exactly what it sounds like: beer and improv. It doesn’t just stop there though. Not only does the audience choose the scenes the comedians will perform, but it also votes to eliminate each joker until there’s only one left – the BeerProv Champion, obviously.    

An elegant social fundraising event that mixes the sophistication of James Bond with the culinary delights of its host city and also happens to be held in a unique location? Yup, we’re in.

You know what Aretha Franklin has on her resume? Greatest singer of all time. Does she really need anything else?

The PULP: paper art party at The Great Hall asks, ‘Ever partied in a room made of paper?’ No, we haven’t. But suddenly we really, really want to.

Is Wayne Brady gonna have to…hopefully not. But he is in town talking, or singing, or improvising, or doing whatever it is the delightfully charming Wayne Brady does.

The Raptors head to Brooklyn tied at one game apiece with the Nets. Here’s what we think about that.

Why would you ever stay in to play video games when you can play one in real life?

Spend the afternoon on the west side at Spring into Parkdale, a sidewalk sale that’s full of all things local. Plus they said there’d be cupcakes. They better not be lying.

There’s an indie Wedding Show at The Drake. We’re going to leave this one alone. Hipster bridezillas be fierce, yo.

If you’re looking for a little culture on your weekend, how about a Wine and Art show that features a sommelier-led tour of iconic wine styles and a curator’s introduction to significant contemporary art? Learned and drunk at the same time.

Jim Gaffigan’s a pretty funny guy. He’ll tell you about all sorts of things in all sorts of voices.

Baltic Avenue is having a 1-year anniversary party. To celebrate they’ll have drinks and DJs, or, as we like to call it, a Saturday night at Baltic Avenue. 

Aussie DJ Joel Fletcher is spinning at The Hoxton. He sounds like this. Despite the misleading name, this is not what your dancing should look like

If you’re into indie music, The Pains of Being True at Heart will be at The Horseshoe while Nova Scotia rockers The Trews will be launching their latest album at The Danforth Music Hall.

A series of unique, one-off craft beers will be tapped at Beer4Boobs with all proceeds being donated to PYNK, a breast cancer program for young women under 40 at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre. If you love beer and you hate cancer, this is definitely how you want to spend your Sunday.

Scaddabush is offering up an Italian Wedding without the wedding, which basically means all the Italian food and wine you can shake a mozza ball at. Make sure you sign up before Sunday though or there’ll be no feast for you. 

With a fundraising goal of $8,000, Paddle Up for MS asks you to play some ping-pong for a good cause. Help end the battle against Multiple Sclerosis by unleashing your wicked backhand.

The World Famous Le Brunch isn’t known so much for its food as it is for the party it turns into. If you’re the kind of person who never likes to see the weekend come to a close, we’d say this is your kind of jam.

Our only playoff team plays game four in Brooklyn. We’re pretty sure if you cheer loud enough they’ll be able to hear you from your couch.

This is the last weekend of April. Which means it’s almost May. Which means summer’s almost here. Which means summer’s almost over. How did that happen? You didn’t take advantage of the time you had, that’s how. Read, choose, go. It’s that easy. 

Stay Notable, 

The Weekender 

#LYNL | (Live Your Notable Life)

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Top photo courtesy The Drake Hotel