16 Ways You Can Exercise While You’re at Work

Sore Ass: A medical condition that comes from sitting at your desk all day.

Let’s face it – we’re designed to use our butts (and the rest of our bodies) for a lot more than just sitting around all day.

So while you may need to earn your paycheck through a sedentary lifestyle, we’ve come up with 16 ways you can work your body while you’re also pumping out the latest TPS reports.

Feel the burn.

1. Lift those Legs
Discretely tone your legs with leg lifts while sitting at your chair. Lift one leg off your chair, extend it out straight, hold for 5 seconds, lower your foot a few inches from the ground, and hold it for another 5 seconds. Switch; do each leg 12-15 times.

2. Do 15 Against the Desk
It’s a little less awkward to do push-ups at your desk than on the ground at the office – as long as your desk is strong enough to support you. Stand up, place your hands on your desk shoulder width apart, walk backward, then do 15 push-ups against the desk.

3. Stand and Talk
Standing burns more calories than sitting does, so try to get out of your chair as often as possible throughout the day. Make a point of standing while on the phone – it will probably keep you more focused on the conversation anyway.

4. Work Your Butt Off
Avoid gaining “office butt” this season with the silent seat squeeze. All you need to do is squeeze your glutes, hold for 10-15 seconds, and release. Repeat until you can’t take it anymore.

5. Do the Wall Sit
All you need is a wall to build strength and endurance. Stand with your back against the wall, bend your knees, and slide your back down the wall until your thighs are parallel to the floor – and try to make it through a page or two of that business report. For more of a burn, cross an ankle over the other knee, then switch.

6. Use Water Bottles as Weights
Fill up two water bottles to use as weights at your desk – then make a point of drinking them before the day is over. Use the water bottles to work your triceps, shoulders, and biceps with front raises, overhead presses, and bicep curls.

7. Practice the Desk Plank
You can do your favourite ab-strengthening yoga pose at your desk. With your toes hip-width apart, place your hands on your desk and walk your feet back until your body’s at an angle. Lift your hips to form a straight line with your body and hold for 30-45 seconds.

8. Do the Chair Dip
While on your chair, place each hand in the centre of the armrests (make sure they can handle your weight first). Lift your feet a few inches off the ground and engage your core muscles, then press down to raise your body off the chair until your arms are straight. Hold for 6-10 seconds, then lower back to the chair, and repeat.

9. Adopt the Discreet Ab Squeeze
You can still look busy while you get bikini-ready. Sit up straight in your chair, stare straight ahead (conveniently, at your computer), and contract your abs as hard as you can, holding for 3-5 seconds. Release and repeat. Target your obliques by contracting to the side.

10. Take the Stairs
Take the stairs up to the office instead of the elevator. Not only will you burn calories and tone your glutes and thighs, you’ll also avoid awkward elevator banter.

11. Ditch the Chair for a Stability Ball
As long as you have the balance skills, improve your balance and tone your core muscles while pumping out those deadlines. If you’re stuck late at the office by yourself, you can later use the ball for hamstring curls, wall squats, or sit-ups.

12. Conduct your Meetings on the Go
Instead of a distracting email chain, make a point to connect with coworkers over scheduled walking meetings or brainstorming sessions. Walking while talking enables you to get fit and take care of business at the same time.

13. Crunch on Your Chair
Crunches don’t have to be done on the floor. Sit up straight on your chair with your knees bent and your feet flat on the ground. Put your hands on the sides of your head and curl your body downward. Squeeze your abs as hard as you can, rise back up and repeat.

14. Raise those Calves
Whether on the edge of as step on the stairwell (on your way up), or flat on the floor (with those trusted water bottle weights in hand), raise, and then slowly lift your heels. For more of a burn, cross one leg over the other, then switch.

15. Do the One-Legged Squat
Sit with your butt near the back half of the chair, keeping one leg firmly planted on the ground and the other raised slightly out in front. Holding the armrest, raise your butt off the ground six inches, hold for one count, and then lower back down. Then do the other side.

16. Invest in a Treadmill Desk
If you’re one to take your work home with you and find your workout slacking, you may want to splurge on a treadmill desk. When you can position your computer above a treadmill in front of a TV, you can get that work done, burn calories, and catch up on your favourite shows all at once.


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