14 Things You Will Never Spend Money On Again

Technological advancements have changed everyday items that you may have once found useful (hi pagers) into pointless paperweights.

(Plus, who has room for unnecessary clutter anyways?)

Many former household staples have become more irrelevant than Ricky Martin in a Von Dutch mesh back – so if you’re still holding onto your Discman in hopes that CDs make a comeback, it’s time to move on and remember that 1990 was 26 years ago (too harsh?).

If you still actually own any of the things on this list, chances are you haven’t used them in years. Which is why these are 14 things millennials would NEVER waste money on.


Cellphones and laptops have taken over the way we communicate with each other. Chances are most millennials don’t even use a landline (unless they still live at home), and the age of home phones are dying a slow death.

With competitive streaming websites taking over the tube, we often find ourselves watching ‘tv’ from our laptops. No more over-paying for useless channels that often come with the cable provider. The convenience of binge-watching our favourite shows from a variety of devices has won our hearts.

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Digital Cameras
You have one – it’s on your phone. Sure, it’s no DSLR, but those things don’t have Instagram anyway.

There’s a reason why they call them ‘smartphones.’ Your phone will always be there for when you’re walking through your dark house at night.

Cable, TV, Technology, Millennials, Money, Finance, Spending, Less Money, Less Spending

Remember that time your teacher told you wouldn’t always have a calculator in your pocket? Well, screw you Mr. Roberts.

Voice Recorder
The days of tape recording phone calls and voice memos are over. The power of your phone can allow you to record pretty much anything with your cellphone.

Cable, TV, Technology, Millennials, Money, Finance, Spending, Less Money, Less Spending

Remember going over to a friend’s house and they would have a collection of 100s of DVDs and it was the best? Ya, well, doesn’t seem like the greatest investment now, does it.

Photo Album
Between your tablet, phone and computer – we constantly have access to hundreds of photos from our pocket. If your apartment is on fire we’re guessing you’re not grabbing your scrapbook on the way out either.

Alarm Clock
Do they even still sell these anymore?

Travel Insurance
We’re not saying it’s a good idea to travel without it, we’re just saying many choose not to. Of course, this is likely because any credit card worth its annual fee will likely already have you covered.

Photo – Steve Woodfield

Warranties on Electronics
No Darrell from Best Buy, I don’t want to pay $249.00 for a two-year warranty on the $100 headphones I just bought.

Online Newspaper Subscriptions
The internet provides a vast amount of information accessible at your fingertips. With so many different (free) sources for information, no one’s paying money to read something that’s already everywhere else. A real paper though, there’s still something beautiful about that.

You read them while on a flight – but how many of you are actually getting monthly subscriptions? Most of us would rather just pay for an app, which would then give us access to hundreds of magazines.

Alright, let’s get real – no one buys porn anymore. The days of buying nudie mags and VHS movies at the corner store are long gone. Yes, this includes ordering porn at your hotel.

Photo – Nicoline Aagesen