Uber Will Deliver Puppies to Your Toronto Office Today

You don’t need to ruff it out at work today – ’cause if you’ve got a case of the Thursday blues, Uber has you covered.

Puppies. Freakin’ PUPPIES.

Puppies, uber, uber puppies

Just. Look. At. Them.

That’s right, the ride-sharing app is offering a one-day puppy play date service (today), between the hours of 11am–3pm. The doggy delivery service will last for 15 minutes, because (naturally) if they didn’t limit the visit you and everyone in your office would end up keeping them for at least the entire day.

And for $30, you’re doing more than just boosting office morale with the tail-wagging tykes – you’re supporting the local animal shelters these pups are currently calling home.

The campaign is aiming to raise awareness for National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day (April 30). Of course, this isn’t the first time Uber offered to bring puppies to your office. In April 2015, Uber had “Puppies on Demand” to promote the same cause.

Here’s how to get puppies to your office:
1. Open your Uber mobile app between 11am and 3pm today in Toronto
2. Request the “PUPPIES” option – they can only be delivered to offices
3. Once the puppies arrive, make good use of your time – you only get 15 minutes.

The best part is, every single one of these precious pups is available to be adopted – so if you happen to fall in love at first sight, don’t blame us if you suddenly have a new family member before the day’s over.