Workplace Environments Don’t Need to Be Ruff: Why You Should Bring Your Dog to Work

Studies find bringing your dog to work will reduce stress and boost employee morale.

The International Journal of Workplace Health Management conducted a study consisting of employees who were exposed to dogs, or their co-worker’s pets, over a monitored amount of time compared to days when the dog(s) was absent. Results showed significantly less stress levels in those workers who were exposed to K-9s than those who weren’t.

Corporate offices such as Google, Amazon, and Build-A-Bear Workshop all encourage employees to bring their dogs (not cats, dogs) to work. (Clearly Build-A-Bear Workshop doesn’t discriminate against any animals, stuffed or living.)

“Just having your companion animal around decreases your stress levels,” said Connie Varnhagen, prof. of psychology at University of Alberta.

A second study done by the Virginia Commonwealth University (VEC) revealed similar findings.

“During the course of the work day, self-reported stress declined for employees with their dogs present,” said VCU spokesperson, Sathya Achia Abraham.

When employees were able to connect with the dog and take it on brief, yet effective, breaks the study showed positive results.

Although all of this may sound like an excuse to bring your dog to work to some dog-haters – and it is an awesome one – it will also boost office morale (and maybe even turn a few dog-haters into lovers). Having a dog in an office setting can give workers a break from a pressure-filled environment.

Keep a couple of things in mind before bringing your dog to the office, though. First, make sure they’re very well-trained and very friendly (if you’re thinking your 150lb mastiff will keep your boss away from your desk, you’re kind of missing the point here). Second, and probably most important, be sure they’re trained to take their business outside.

Trust us, no one likes stepping in sh*t at the office – especially when it’s literal.