Toronto Raptors Create Permission Letter to Get You Out of Work Early for Crucial Game 5

The Toronto Raptors need your help – and they will get you out of work early in return.

Two things we’re immediately down for.

The Toronto Raptors management team is doing all they can to have you be apart of tonight’s crucial game 5 versus the Indiana Pacers at the ACC. Whether it means being in the arena – or watching it on the big screen live from Jurassic Park (Maple Leaf Square) – our boys need your support.

All you need to do is give your boss one of two documents provided by Raptors nation, and you’ll be relieved for the day from your duties.

Option 1: You can choose to submit a permission slip, written (and signed) by Raptors GM himself Masai Ujiri.

Option 2: You can set your email up with one of two personalized “out of office auto replies.”

Image: NBA/Toronto Raptors

Image: NBA/Toronto Raptors

With the effort made by the Toronto Raptors to get you out of work, we think you deserve to be at the game (we will be).