Toronto Will Be Home to the First Trans-Atlantic Sports Franchise Next Year

Toronto has unveiled its newest addition to the city’s sports scene: the Toronto Wolfpack, the first trans-Atlantic sports franchise.

The team is the most recent addition to England’s Rugby Football League (RFL) and will hit the field beginning next season. Toronto’s Lamport Stadium, located in Liberty Village, will be their home.

The team will be supported by management with a strong track record; former English rugby player Paul Rowley will coach the team, while former Great Britain coach Brian Noble will be its director.

Officials are still in the process of recruiting players, with a focus on Canadian talent.

The Toronto Wolfpack will be eased into the RFL by starting in League One, the third professional tier of the sport in England. The team will play in blocks of four home games and four away games, and pay the travel expenses of the division’s other 13 sides when they visit Toronto.

“Toronto is a city ready to embrace the first trans-Atlantic sports team, and we’re proud to be behind it,” said Eric Perez, the club’s CEO, in an interview with The Guardian.