You Can Now Have an Invisible Boyfriend or Girlfriend – For Real

There’s nothing wrong with being single.

And for many young professionals (YPs) who put things like career and travel first, it’s a life choice.

But for anyone out there who’s tired of dodging the questions about why they’re single – a hugely popular topic close to Valentine’s Day – the Invisible Girlfriend and Invisible Boyfriend apps are going to make life so much easier.

Next time your prying parents, nosy colleagues, or concerned couple friends ask why you’re unattached, you’ll now have texts, voicemails, and pictures to prove that you are indeed seeing someone special.    

Here’s how it works…

For a small fee you can set up your make believe boyfriend or girlfriend’s profile online and customize pretty much everything about them. From choosing a picture of your pretend partner to selecting their personality traits, age, and even their name, you can tailor every tiny detail about your match.  

By the time you’re finished, they’ll be unreal.

Once you’ve created a profile, you can now look forward to 100 texts, 10 voicemails, a few pictures, and even one handwritten note each month. Aka: more than enough proof to share with friends and colleagues wanting the scoop on your love life.

And as some of you might be wondering, what happens if one of your friends or family gets wise and starts sniffing around?

During the sign up process, you’ll also create a background story on how you and your imaginary better half met. With a solid back-story, you’re sure to keep your secret under wraps.

So if you’re happy with your single YP life but just need to avoid nagging questions about your love life or how you’re spending the 14th, you now have options.

Even beyond Valentine’s Day, just think how much better family dinners and couples games nights would be with a fictitious partner.

It’s just too bad they can’t make it. 


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