11 Reasons the Toronto Public Library is Even More Amazing Than You Already Knew

The Book Lover’s Ball happens at The Reference Library on February 5th, and we think you should be there.

Tickets are hefty, but you could always just go for After Dark – the after party among the stacks – if you’re looking to support one of our cities greatest resources without going broke.

If you need more motivation than a night of live music curated by Jason Collett’s Basement Revue, canapés, drinks, dancing next to bookshelves, and the chance to play Scrabble with one of your favourite authors, here are 11 reasons why we always choose to support the library.   

1. Free Books for Life
The greatest part about any library. Get all the reading you can handle, without taking up precious bookshelf space in your tiny condo.

2. Massive Supply
Last we heard, there were over 12 million books in their system. So if you read a book a day for the rest of your life it would only take you THIRTY TWO THOUSAND YEARS to read all of them. 

3. There are 99 Libraries in the City
You truly never have to go far to find a branch in your neighbourhood.

4. You Can Learn Just About Anything for Free at the Library
As we’ve mentioned before.

5. It’s a Free Alternative Co-Working Space.
Of course, you could pay to be a member at a fancier location, but why pay when the library offers the same community feel for free?

6. The Reference Library is Amazing
If you’ve ever wanted to be blown away by the sheer size, architecture, programming, and selection of a public library, this is the one to visit.

7. You Don’t Even Have to Leave Your House to Use it
They have a massive collection of eBooks and Audiobooks you can borrow from the comfort of your bed.

8. Their Author Series
We were able to see Lena Dunham (among others) give a reading and talk for free because of this series. NBD.

9. They Help Writers Get Shit Done with The Writers Room
That next great novel you’re about to devour might just exist because they gave a struggling writer a distraction free space to churn it out.

10. They’ll Let You Borrow a Laptop
Next time your computer fails on you and you’re in a pinch, just go to the library and borrow one until yours is fixed. 

11. The Best People Support (and Defend) the Library
Remember when Margaret Atwood stood up to Rob Ford when he cut funding? Library power. 


Cover image from: The Toronto Public Library

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