Canadian Graduate Students Prove Ryan Gosling Memes Help Promote Feminism

Hey Girl,

Have you ever wondered what effect Ryan Gosling has on other men’s ability to endorse feminism?

Of course you have.

Well, thanks to a trio of graduate students at the University of Saskatchewan, we now know that one of the most handsome men in Canada has the power to change the minds of males when it comes to how they view feminism. 

Using a control group, the students were able to prove that exposure to a Gosling meme with feminist text attached did more to sway opinion than the same picture without text. 

While the memes only seemed to alter men’s views toward radical feminism, making them more likely to believe in statement like, “men use abortion laws and reproductive technology to control women’s lives,” it still seems remarkable that the guy from The Notebook is capable of shifting ideologies. 

This wasn’t simply about a pretty face, though.

As the students summarized; “The results of this study provide initial support for the notion that popular internet memes can serve more than an entertainment function in that they can also serve as a persuasive device for relaying ideological information.” 

The women prepared the paper for their degree in, what else, reproductive psychology.  


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