Why Winter is the Perfect Time to Get Into Wine

We’re now approaching the middle of winter, with Siberian temperatures in most parts of the country keeping young professionals firmly within the confines of anything that provides heat. You know, with office desks pushed right up against the furnace, huddled up at a nearby fireplace, maybe even under heat lamps if you do dare to brave the cold and hit the town. But there’s only one thing that’ll heat your soul, and that’s wine (shots of whiskey don’t count). So while you’ve been holed up inside suffering from FOMO because there’s just nothing to do in winter and it’s freezing out, our friends at Aveleda have the perfect list of reasons why this winter is the perfect time to get into wine…

Ice wine.
A proud Canadian tradition as any, you’ll definitely want to start training your palate to appreciate its sweet notes and ability to pair with dessert. While -30 temperatures are hardly a thing to celebrate, this year’s deep freeze in Ontario (which accounts for 75% of the world’s ice wine production) has provided optimal grape-growing conditions for this sweet nectar.

Almost as important as skiing itself, the après aspect is a critical component of a young professional’s weekend trek to the mountains. Sure, you could order a hot chocolate, but nothing caps off an invigorating day on the slops like a glass or two of wine. White is perfect as a refreshment, while red will thaw your body from the inside out.

As an outdoor activity.
In case you’re unaware, vineyard tours aren’t just reserved for summer. Several vineyards, like Aveleda estate, offer tours year-round, giving you a perfect excuse to get some fresh air during a weekend day while indulging in some of the world’s best wines. Not your thing? We couldn’t think of a better companion on an hours-long cross-country ski or snowshoe excursion than the perfect bottle of white or red wine to-go. 

Valentine’s Day.
We’re throwing this one in there because arguably the year’s most perfect day for enjoying wine – with that special someone, but maybe even more so on your own? – happens in winter. Valentine’s Day also offer a great excuse for splurging on a higher end wine you’ve been meaning to try but never found the right occasion for. V-Day is only four weeks away – make the bottle count.

It’s communal.
Winter in general is pretty communal, what with all the time spent indoors, sharing body heat, the holidays, and often weeks spent apart from close friends – since staying in is all the rage, only to reunite in the best of spirits. You know what else is communal? Wine. Sharing. Tasting. So plan your next dinner party and don’t forget to invite a few bottles of wine along with your friends. 

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