Why the Microsoft Band 2 is the Perfect Fit for the Young Professional Lifestyle

You’re busy. We know. We get it.

And you know what? Your technology should get it too.

‘Cause the Young Professional (YP) lifestyle is as much about killing it in the business world as it is about keeping fit. (You’ve got to be able to hustle to hustle, if you know what we mean.)


Even when we’re standing in front of the barbell, we’re thinking about the next big boardroom meeting – which is why it’s important to stay on the pulse if we want to stay ahead of the game.

Thankfully, Microsoft has found an amazing way to connect our physical and mental worlds at the touch of a button.

The Microsoft Band 2 is here, and it wants to help you lead a healthier life by tracking your heart rate, exercise (including the type of exercise to be as exact as possible) and calories burned – and all while also providing notifications about emails, texts, phone calls, and calendar alerts from your wrist.

Fill out the sign-up form below and you could win a Microsoft Band 2 for free.

If you’ve set yourself some exercise goals but your week is looking pretty stacked, you needn’t fall off the workout wagon – you can stick to them and still stay plugged in to all your other millennial commitments.


And because YPs appreciate some evidence based data, there’s a handy little web Dashboard so we can view all our wellness goals and insights (we’ve crushed, naturally) on the app as we head back to the office.

Plus, we know as well as you do that Eureka moments don’t always strike you at the most convenient moment. So if you need to make a note or set a personal reminder while you’re hiking up a mountain or canoeing across a lake – you can. Simply record a voice message using Cortana without even breaking a stride.

The coolest part?

Unlike other GPS technology, the Microsoft Band 2 has a working barometer. If you’re wondering why that’s so great, look up. ‘Cause a barometer means that the Band 2 can not only monitor speed and distance; it can also track elevation gains.


Millennials may push themselves to the limit, but the Band 2 will also track things after they finally crash. We’re talking about sleep tracking, of course. Something that’s incredibly useful for those of us that know if you’re going to ‘be well’ in this world, you’d better be well rested.

It’s time to strap on a Band 2 to stay connected, and – more importantly – to stay ahead.

*Winner will be selected at random and will be notified via eMail by Friday June 3rd, 2016.

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