What Do You Think 2013 Will Look Like For You?

Yesterday, asked five young professionals of varying backgrounds to reflect on 2012 with a simple question: “What did 2012 mean to you?” Their answers ranged from personal and career highlights to global issues and politics. Today, the same YPs answer what they think this coming year will look like for them. This meant everything from personal hopes and expectations, business goals and desires, to travel, growth and development. 

I think 2013 represents a year of maturity and personal growth, as well as taking bigger risks. Beyond the upcoming nuptials, this is a year I’m striving to refine myself by evaluating my intrinsic values, advancing various skills, improving upon certain habits and stimulating my mind through supplementary education. This is a year I also aim to take bigger risks and take on more challenges. Perhaps it can be attributed to some sort of quarter life crisis, but I feel it is important to take on risks and make mistakes now while we are young with less to lose and more to gain. More than anything, I want 2013 to be the year that I take the adage “Big Risk, Big Reward” by the horns and make it my bitch.

–  Melissa Smich, Senior Cultivator at Tribal DDB Worldwide (pictured above)


I believe the year 2013 will be a fortunate and productive year for most of us. On a personal note, the number 13 is my lucky number as it signifies the age in my life that helped launch me into “manhood,” my Bar Mitzvah. This is also the Year of the Snake in the Chinese Zodiac, which symbolizes such traits as intelligence, grace and prosperity. Our economy seems to be on the right path, our sense of social justice seems to be getting into proper alignment, and the power of technology, innovation, and medical science are all showing impressive gains. We carry the knowledge of so many wonderful achievements from bygone eras, and are now able to apply our forefathers’ values of hard work and productivity in a new era of promise and sustainability; the world is at our fingertips reaching out to be embraced. When I was younger, I remember thinking how far off, illusive, and exciting the sound of the year 2013 was, yet here we are, the future is upon us, and what an exciting time it is to be alive!”

– Josh Silver, Public Relations & Communications, Les Aliments Unique Food


“This new era we are entering has been dubbed “a time of great change.” I think this is a refreshing and exciting prospect. I am ready for the next challenge! I look forward to continuing to explore our exciting city, meeting new inspirational people and advancing my career to the next level. This means staying inspired and creative – I will be keeping my library full and my yoga mat by the door!” 

– Brittney McKee, Event Administrator, Women of Influence


“The Social Lockerroom team is extremely excited about 2013. We are growing and focusing our efforts on marketing and more development power. Over the next few months we will be showcasing goal-oriented “bundles.” This will be a fitness package that attempts to accomplish a certain goal, such as detox, quitting smoking or training for a marathon. This will be an important step in increasing our conversation rate, while creating a more relevant and enticing experience for the user.”

 – Greg Peacock, Founder, The Social Lockerroom


“I am hoping that 2013 will be, like 2012, about adding building an ever-greater sense of self-knowledge and confidence – as well as professional experience and worldly knowledge of course! But this year I would like to combine that somewhat slow (read: lifelong) process with some really decisive action. I just turned 25 and it feels like a watershed moment. I feel the need to mark the milestone with action of some kind, and to make the year a significant one in my personal development. I was inspired over Christmas to take on some volunteer work. I am also bursting with desire to travel more. A colleague who has taken a sabbatical to travel the world similarly inspired me. I’m not about to get up and leave my job any time soon, but I think it is a testament to the possibility for change – for bold moves, and great actions. In 2013, I am going to be bold.”

– Daniel St. Germaine, Public Relations Account Executive, Arts & Communications