We Were There: Suits and Staches

In the spirit of Movember, Suits and Staches went down at Steam Whistle Brewery on Friday night, drawing a well-dressed crowd of young professionals as well as a stylish collection of guests our parents’ age too.

In a refreshing change from the massive young professional-targeted charity events, the venue – although packed – was small enough that you could actually find your friends and keep tabs on that hottie you spotted at the bar throughout the evening.

Speaking of the bar, although they inevitably ran out of white wine at the tail end of the evening, the three bars – all armed with ample bartenders – meant that wait times for drinks were kept at a minimum. Guests could also take a shortcut to the inevitable charity event buzz thanks to a station serving up shots of Jameson.

To balance out the booze, food options included delicious bites like pickles on sticks and bags of gourmet chips courtesy of McClure’s Pickles, Rock Lobster’s famous lobster rolls, and Finnish meat pies. A late-night candy bar also offered a much needed sugar kick to keep stiletto-clad feet moving and grooving.

The decided highlight of the evening was the band, the popular Toronto group The St. Royals, who kept the crowd singing and dancing all evening on a packed dance floor with their versions of classic hits (think “Pretty Young Thang”).

Although the presence of real creepy moustaches was noticeably minimal, guests wasted no time raising awareness for the cause through the use of numerous fake moustaches and other props in the busy photo booth, not to mention Instagramming the many massive mustaches hanging from the ceiling.

The typical hair and makeup stations for the ladies were replaced by a grooming station and barbershop specifically for the gents thanks to The Original Grooming Experts. Not that the ladies were completely ingnored though, there was also nail station by CND Canada in case you missed your Friday post-work manicure.

Guests (including the older set) stayed late before heading off into the evening with gift bags packed with everything “man,” like a Sharp magazine, a copy of The Sharp Book for Men, socks courtesy of Gotstyle, and American Crew styling products.

Only one week left to get your manliest of donations in.


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