Charity Event

We Were There: Suits and Staches

On Friday night, some of the city’s finest young professionals hit Steam Whistle Brewery for the second annual Suits and Staches charity event to benefit Movember Canada. From the band and the food, to the booze and the crowd, here’s what made it such a great evening
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The Walrus Talks Comes To YYC

Here’s something notable for your social calendar: at the end of the month, you can catch a special event being hosted by the Walrus Foundation, a non-profit charitable organization known for bringing together influential people to encourage conversations on issues that are important to Canadians
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It’s Time to Get Schmancy

One of the city's most notable must-attend parties is around the corner. It's so notable, in fact, that it's even creating pre-parties worth attending. Here's why this Glenbow Pivot Committee gem should be on your social calendar
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