Warhol Mania Takes Over Montreal Tomorrow

You heard right, Warhol fanatics. 

Andy’s genius will now be at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts’ fingertips and you can get a fresh look at some of his famous pieces…just as long as you don’t touch. 

Warhol Mania will offer fans a brand-new look at his advertising posters and magazine illustrations.

Think Mad Men, only for real.

Warhol was a leader of the American Pop Art movement – one that had its design and character given worldwide media coverage. But there was more to him than that one famous Marilyn Monroe piece you know. 

Warhol was an advertising genius. 

His gift for creating posters to sell products or promote causes and events was sheer brilliance. And this is where collector/art historian Paul Maréchal comes in. By choosing to share his collection of fifty posters and almost a thousand illustrations found in more than 400 magazines, you’ll get to experience Warhol’s salability first hand.   

The exhibition, featuring posters exclusively commissioned from Warhol, will be accompanied by two catalogues raisonnés, the outcome of intensive research by Maréchal (who also provides an overview of the show). 

Here’s a notable fact to keep in mind when visiting this exhibit: It was only in mid-career, after 1964, that the artist, now famous for his series of Campbell’s soup cans, started to receive commissions for posters. 

Of course we can’t forget about his paintings. The Campbell’s soup cans, the Coca-Cola bottles and stars such as Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, and Elizabeth Taylor elevated the familiar images of celebrities and consumer products to the status of icons, which blurred the boundaries between fine art and graphic design. 

And now you can experience it all. Or at least a large portion of it anyway. 

The show will run until March 2015, but if you’re a Warhol fan we know you won’t be able to wait past tomorrow morning to get your ticket.


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