Best Burgers in Toronto: P&L Burger

There really is no shortage of options if you’re craving the best burger in the Queen West area of Toronto, and P&L Burger is a small restaurant that shouldn’t be overlooked by anyone who appreciates a really well cooked patty and bun. Despite sitting between Burger’s Priest and Toma Burger Addiction, P&L Burger is always packed because people flock there not just for a great burger (seriously one of the best in the city), but also for Toronto chef, Matty Mattheson, restaurant owner and VICE cooking show host. Like Matty, P&L Burger is brash, brazen and utterly unique.

P&L Burger is the food baby of the Dog and Bear, P&L catering and Parkdale’s popular Parts and Labour, so people head to this Queen Street West offshoot not just to get one of the city’s best burgers, but to sample some of Matty’s food. Choose from the classic P&L Burger with cheddar and bacon-onion jam, or The Italian which comes with mozzarella cheese, hot & sweet peppers and a healthy dose of marinara sauce on top. The Castor is also a popular choice at the Toronto restaurant, with peameal bacon and BBQ Sauce. And if you’re a burger lover but you don’t want beef, there’s The Fried Chicken or the P&L Fish, with battered haddock and all the trimmings. And vegetarians can get in on the action by subbing out any patty for Sub Tempeh.

P&L burger doesn’t serve alcohol, but there are some delicious old-school malted milkshakes that are definitely worth a try in the Toronto restaurant. Try them in vanilla, malted chocolate, salted caramel (probably the best) or loganberry. This burger joint is pretty tiny, so it may very well be the largest concentration of beards and tattoos you’ve ever seen at dinner. But the unique and crazy toppings deserve to be tried, so wait it out for a sit if needs be, because P&L is one Toronto burger restaurant you really need to try.