Best Burgers in Toronto: Holy Chuck

Bland burger enthusiasts need not apply – located in St Clair, Holy Chuck is a Toronto burger restaurant with a difference, and things can get pretty wild up in here. Holy Chuck was one of the first Toronto burger joints on the scene when the fast food staple started having something of a renaissance, and Toronto chef Johnny Prassoulis opened up this restaurant in 2011. Despite having a huge following, Holy Chuck is anything but pretentious (one of the best parts), with a fun family vibe and lots of seating so you’ll never be lining up around the block.

The St Clair fast food eatery has all the best crazy calorific toppings and add-ons that your mom would never let you eat, but if you like your burgers adventurous, you’ll want everything on this Toronto menu (including the awesome milkshakes). For a truly decadent burger, we suggest you try the ultimate indulgence; The Holy Duck, which comes with 2.5 oz. of Foie Gras, double smoked bacon, truffle oil, pure Canadian maple syrup. Or go all Parisian with Le Croissant du Paysan, with pancetta, maple syrup and French fries and a fried egg all squeezed between the breakfast pastry.

If you’ve ever watched Man vs. Food and fancied yourself as a serious contender, you can partake in the Go Chuck Yourself Challenge – finish the signature burger and a speciality milkshake of your choice in six minutes and your face will make it onto the Holy Chuck Wall of Fame. And we’re not the only ones who think that Holy Chuck is amazing – it’s consistently been rated one of the best burgers in Toronto by Celebrity Chef Massimo Capra and Joanne Kate to name just two. Pretty soon a new Holy Chuck opening up on Wellesley, so now you’ve no excuse not to try out one of the best mouth-watering burgers.