Best Burgers in Toronto: Five Guys

Five Guys are sprinkled around all over Toronto, and while their burgers are not unique to Toronto, they’re definitely a go-to restaurant when you’re in the mood for one of the best in town. With restaurants at Yonge and Dundas, in the Stockyards and one heading to King Street very soon, you won’t want for a great burger whenever the mood strikes you in Toronto. With their red and while chequered tiles, the restaurant has the feel of a diner, and depending on where you go, you’ll see sacks of potatoes or peanuts (which are complimentary) piled on top of each other, making you feel a little like you’re in a granary, instead of a burger restaurant.

The fresh cut fries are the only side item available, cooked in pure peanut oil, and either salted or with a Cajun style seasoning. But they’re crispy, delicious and some of the best out there, so if you’re a fries fan it may give the burgers a run for their money. Five Guys has been handcrafting their burgers since 1986, so they’ve gotten pretty good at making a great one. The menu is centred around classic burgers, cheese burgers with bacon thrown in too if that’s your style, and what it lacks in crazy toppings and gourmet offerings, it more than makes up in sheer quality and taste. The best part about Five Guys is the topping situation at the restaurant – customers can select as many of the free toppings as they like – and there are a lot. Choose from pickles, grilled onions, grilled mushrooms, jalapeno peppers, green peppers, steak sauce and lots of other options. Five Guys use buns that are sweeter and eggier than normal buns (only the best), which contrast the meatiest nicely.

If you’re not in too much of a food coma, grab one of their many milkshakes on the way out (some of which you can even add bacon to). It may be a chain restaurant, but Five Guys still has some of the best burgers in Toronto.