Best Burgers in Toronto: Stockyards

This St. Clair Avenue restaurant may have a fan following for its BBQ servings, but Stockyards is just as much (or more) of a knockout restaurant when it comes to all things burger. Don’t be fooled by the pared down interior and low-key bar stools – you’re in safe hands with this unique gourmet Toronto burger joint. Trust us when we tell you that it’s one of the best.

They know what they’re doing with burgers here, and to take the guesswork out of things, unless you otherwise specify, all of them will be cooked to a default medium well. Stockyards Toronto serves griddle smashed burgers (truly the best), which essentially means the patties are smashed onto the grill to seal in the delicious beef flavour, and then scraped off afterwards – giving them a signature crunch to go with the juicy flavour inside. You’re in for a treat with any one of these burgers, and the classic is a great example of how simplicity can sometimes be the best way to go. That said, The Dirty Thirty, which stuffs its Toronto burgers with house made smoked cheddar and tops with blue cheese and onion frites is a fine choice. If you’re looking for spice, try Stockyard’s Green Chili Pimiento Cheese burger with smoked jalapeno. The Butter Burger, with bone marrow and blue cheese red wine butter will certainly raise some eyebrows, but it’s the best for a reason. And vegetarians will also be taken care of with the Portobello burger (which is also griddle smashed). Yes, it’s all about the burgers, but don’t leave without trying to skin-on fries at Stockyards too.

Guy Fieri stopped by to visit Stockyard’s with his show Diners, Drive-ins and Dives and was impressed by the vibe and marvelled at the home-made style bacon. So if you’re in the St Clair West area, head over and grab yourself the best griddle smashed burger to rival any of the great burgers in Toronto.