Toronto Real Estate is So Expensive They’re Putting Toilets in Living Rooms Now

Look, we don’t have to tell you that affording an existence in Toronto is about as can’t even as it gets.

After all, we do it all the time. Plus, you live here. You’ve pre-gamed before perusing MLS; you’ve accepted that you’ll buy your first home around the same age as when your parents retired.

What you probably haven’t done, however, is seen a toilet in a living room. Alas, such is the market in which you must eke out a life.

A recent listing for a two-storey house in the Annex comes with 3 bedrooms, a living room, dining room, and two bathrooms. Kind of. Photos of the place suggest one bathroom is merely a sink in an otherwise empty room while the other is merely a toilet in a room otherwise meant for living. Check it out:

Snark aside and lack of door aside, that’s one hell of a cozy spot for a potty. Certainly better than the kitchen.

On a serious note, it’s very likely that the placement of this particular toilet owes to accessibility. Nevertheless, a quirky narrative – such as this – around housing unaffordability is an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.

Perhaps most surprising is that the house is listed for under a milli ($898,000). That’s a steal, for anyone wondering who doesn’t live in Toronto.