Toronto Man Seeking Apartment Creates Amazing Movie Poster in Plea to Landlords

Finding an apartment in Toronto is getting hella’ hard.

According to the most recent numbers, a one-bedroom in the city is now going for over $2,000 a month. Add to that a 1% vacancy rate, and it’s no surprise many Millennials are giving up their big city dreams for more affordable pastures.

Those sticking it out, meanwhile, are becoming ever more resourceful in their apartment hunting. Which brings us to Huy Do, a Toronto resident and star of his own fictitious film, ‘The Hunt for an Apartment’.

In an creative appeal to landlords, Huy created a movie poster to sell himself as the ideal tenant:

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, outdoor

Nominated for never having parties, full-time employment, multiple payment methods (bitcoin?), and likability, Huy has taken home awards for being respectful, paying rent on time, staying long-term, and never being complained about.

It’s an impressive resume, though his plea is an ambitious one. “Wanted: 1 bd unit in the core of Toronto for June, $1300,” wrote Huy in a Facebook post accompanying the post. That’s about $700 less than market value, which, even for a fine tenant, will probably land you somewhere in the Newmarket area.

Taking it one step further, Huy even wrote song about his plight. It aired on Kiss 92.5 on Monday.

Stay strong and know you’re not alone, Huy.