Toronto Artists Cover Streets With Most Obvious Installation Yet

By Lisa Lagace

There’s a new sign installation project taking the streets via Denise St Marie and Timothy Walker’s creative collaboration as TIMEANDDESIRE.

You may have already seen and wondered about the Recursive project while wandering around Queen West and Grange Park.

This specific project focuses on the mundane, obvious and banal, according to the artists, but the idea to cover Toronto’s streets with signs that make us all give a double take isn’t new for this team.

St Marie and Walker’s growing love for creating street sign art began last year with installations in the US and Asia, and if you attended Nuit Blanche back in the fall you might have caught their first signage in Toronto where they created a dance zone near the Horseshoe Tavern, encouraging walkers-by to dance freely between the signs.

And dance we did.

While some might criticize that making a sign stating obvious facts such as “This is that sign on the corner” comes off as snarky, or doesn’t qualify as “art,” we’re happy to see the city step up its street art game in unique ways.

You can only have so many murals that have been tagged before you get depressed about the lack of new creative ideas happening one street level – so hats off to TIMEANDDESIRE for showing something that’ll turn some heads and will feature on Instagram feeds for months to come. 


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