This Canadian Company Delivers the Dinners You’ve Always Wanted to Make

In an ideal world we would all make dinner more often than we do.

But most busy young professionals don’t live in Pleasantville.

After all, sometimes there’s no better place to eat a healthy meal than in your own home…on your couch, with your favourite TV show or music in the background. The problem is, it’s usually too much of a production in our already time-strapped lives.


We’d know we’d make dinner every night of the week if we happened to live in a grocery store or had a personal shopper to send out for fresh ingredients every time we wanted to make a Mediterranean-Spiced Chicken.

But we don’t. Which is why it’s a good thing there’s Goodfood.

The Canadian company delivers fresh seasonally-inspired ingredients through their Goodfood plan with classic, vegetarian and family options. Your delivery comes with all the raw ingredients you need to cook delicious meals for the week in exactly the right portions.

Not only does this leave little room to screw up dinner, it also means that less food is wasted compared to your typical grocery shop. Not to mention, it’s affordable.

And because everyone has some sort of dietary restriction these days, the company allows you to curate your meals, choosing from a variety of healthy meals each week that accommodate your preferences. The ingredients are delivered (delivery is always free) in refrigerated boxes (so the food stays fresh) even when you aren’t home. Covering for last-minute changes of plans, the ingredients will stay fresh for up to a week.

The best part? You don’t have to be a gourmet chef to create these gourmet meals either.

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The recipes are easy-to- follow, cater to all cooking levels and styles, and are complete with cards of step-by- step instructions. They can also all be made in less time than it would take to have a pizza delivered.

And as if you already won’t be feeling good enough chowing down on things like Argentinean-Style Beef Steak or Smokey Veggie and Black Bean Tostadas. Goodfood also gives back to the community with every box purchased. So by eating right, you’ll be helping others live right too. The company has committed to serving 75,000 meals to underserved children by the end of 2016.

Goodfood currently delivers meals across Ontario and Quebec, and wherever you order from, delivery is always free. After only two years in operation, Goodfood is now one of the biggest Canadian subscription delivery services, with more than 40,000 boxes delivered each month.

Clearly, they must be doing something right. Now it’s your turn to start. And with $25 off on your first box (using promo code Notable25), you now have no excuse not to.