These Are the Most Popular Date Ideas According to Pinterest

We now live in a world where girls meticulously ‘pin’ their dream homes, weddings, and relationships on Pinterest — creating perfectly regal lives they could only dream about having one day.

But when it comes to Pinterest and relationships, the visual discovery tool is actually full of unique date ideas that you may never have thought of before.

Glamour has rounded up the top inventive date ideas on Pinterest perfect for couples looking to shake things up in the dating department. The best part? You can try all of these ideas at home this summer without having to spend a ton of money to recreate that perfect #dategoals evening that you’ve been pinning on your ‘date ideas’ board. 

Try these with your special someone ASAP…


1. Date Night Under the Stars 
Snag an inflatable pool (that you and your date can both comfortably fit in), fill it with pillows and blankets, grab a bottle of wine, and spend the evening staring at the stars.

2. Take a Wild Ride
Grab a coin and let it dictate your date night destination. Have your partner choose a number between 10 and 20 (this is how many times you’ll flip the coin). Get into the car and every time you come to an intersection, flip the coin (heads is right, tails is left). After you’ve flipped the coin the amount of times your partner chose, stop the car and make the date wherever you are.

3. DIY Bowling Alley 
Switch up your traditional Friday night bowling plans and make your own bowling alley at home, Pinterest-style. Grab some empty water bottles and put some colourful glow sticks inside and use a soccer ball to try to knock them down for the ultimate outdoor summer bowling date night.

4. Q & A Session 
You might think you already know your partner better than they know themselves, but there’s no better way to get to know them even more than with a question and answer session. Pinterest has tons of questions available that will really help you keep the sparks flying.

5. Stage a Fun Competition
Everyone loves a little friendly competition — especially those in a relationship. Head to your local dollar store and stock up on Nerf guns, water balloons, or silly string. Then set the scene at home and leave a note for your significant other along with the appropriate ammo. Then it’s game on. The loser, of course, must make dinner.

6. Go Around the World in One Night 
Use a large map as your dinner inspiration and choose five countries to be the source for your appetizers, main course, and dessert. That could mean sushi for a Japanese appetizer, Mexican tacos, Italian pasta, and French desserts.

7. Try a Seductive Role Play
For those who are more interested in trying something out of the ordinary, kick things up a notch with a “Kidnap-and-Ransom” date night where you surprise your partner by kidnapping them and taking the lead from there. You can either blindfold your date and take them on a wild adventure to a surprise destination, or you can lead them straight to the bedroom if that’s more your thing.

8. Host Your Own Film Festival
You don’t need to wait until September to go check out movies at TIFF — you can bring the film festival home to your living room instead. Decide on a movie genre you and your date both like and choose a few movies neither of you have seen. Order some takeout, make some theatre-worthy snacks, and get ready to relax.

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