These Are The Professions That Actually Get a Proper Lunch Break

For most people, the concept of a “lunch break” is a cruel joke.

While I do have friends who are able to *gasp* actually leave the office during their lunch hour, I know just as many whose breaks consist of scarfing down a reheated Tupperware of last night’s dinner at their desk as fast as humanly possible.

Now if you’ve ever wondered just how shitty your lunch break is compared to other industries, you can finally know the truth thanks to delivery service Fooda. They surveyed 500 American workers to see how long of a lunch break they typically take, what they eat, and what they do during their time away from the office.


Media and communications top the list with a leisurely average lunch time of 58 minutes each day. Insurance employees come in second with a 53-minute break, and those in legal services get about 50 minutes.

Healthcare, construction, and ironically food and beverage employees get the least amount of time to eat with 41 minutes, 35 minutes, and 31 minutes respectively. Additionally, the employees in these industries with the shortest lunch breaks (food and beverage and construction) also tend to be the ones most likely to buy their lunch rather than bring something from home.


The survey also found that 90 percent of people buy lunch at least once per week and that more women than men bring lunch to work.

While the results aren’t all that surprising, I would love to meet the media and communications people who get almost a full hour to eat every day because I am certainly not one of them.